Creating Sustainable Value

We focus to integrate sustainability into every aspect of our business model.  We are committed to sustainable practices, creating a cleaner and more ethical processes for sourcing and producing natural fibers such as merino wool and cashmere.

Our Efforts


As part of our sustainability efforts, we monitor the market to identify new innovative materials and processes that can help to reduce the environmental footprint of our production, whether it be carbon emissions, water consumption or waste pollution.  For example, by adopting processes such as the Dry Dye™ (also known as ZERO-D® dyeing solution) we can achieve a water-based printing solution for a number of our textiles with zero polluted water discharge and reduction of water usage by over 99%.

Benefit to the Nature


By working closely with our core customers, we are able to push forward initiatives, such as sustainable material options, circular production process to help customers meet their sustainability goals.   


We are passionate to identify opportunities to further reduce our environmental footprint, especially in areas that are in sync with the priorities of our customers.

Ultimate Tasks


Water Management

Carbon Emission

Energy Consumption

Cleaner Production

Grow Knowledge